Youth who tattooed his face relocates to Sarawak

SIBU, Malaysia (Sin Chew Daily / ANN) - A half Dayak who places Dayak totem on half of his face relocates to Miri to live in a place which is more receptive to tattoo. Aaron falls in love with tattoo two years ago and is now a tattoo artist. 

A tattoo artist born in West Malaysia does not only have blackwork tattoo on half of his face but also relocates to Miri, his mother’s hometown for the love of tattoo. 
Aaron, 26, a blackwork tattoo lover, spent three hours to have the tattoo on his face despite having tattoo on the face is more painful than other parts of the body.  
He tattooed his face last April. As he is a half Dayak, he drew Dayak totem on his face. 
Aaron also renewed his passport with the new look. 
Some people asked him: “Why did you ruin your own face?”  Aaron is of the view that he is placing art and colour on his face. Both his parents and girlfriend are tattoo lovers. They did not object to his move.
His next challenge is to tattoo his eye black. 
Aaron said some people may think he is crazy and incredible. But he sees this as a move to promote art. 
His father is a West Malaysia and mother a Dayak from Miri.
Aaron grows up in West Malaysia.  He relocates to Sarawak because of his love for tattoo.
He learned about tattoo two years ago and fell in love with the art. 
He became a tattoo artist a year later. 
His clients included Malaysians of all races and foreigners too.
He picks up Mandarin and Cantonese as he has many Chinese customers. 
When he first had his right arm tattooed, his parents were scolding him. 
Later they respected his decision and no longer stopped him from venturing into this industry.
Aaron said not many people have face tattoos and he is often regarded as someone odd. People tend to avoid him in Kuala Lumpur. 
“Tattoo is an art. But many people are unable to accept and don’t even dare to get close to those who have tattoos,’’ he said. 
Aaron decided to return to his mother’s hometown as many Dayaks here have tattoos. He is more at ease living in a place with similar culture. He plans to start his career in Sarawak to promote tattoo. Aaron is looking for a place to settle down either in Sibu, Kuching or Kapit. 
Tattoo can be a form of identity and many countries are found to have such culture dated back to more than 2,000 years ago, he said.
There are many types of tattoos. Blackwork tattoo is one of them where the black tattoo and skin colour form a sharp contrast.