US, UN, EU not brighter than me; I’ll shame them, says Philippine president

MANILA (Philippine Daily Inquirer/ANN) - In his latest tirade against the US, UN and European Union, President Rodrigo Duterte boasted he would toy with these organisations in public. 

“You cannot be brighter than me. I will play with you in public.”

This is what President Rodrigo Duterte has to say to the United States (US), the European Union (EU) and the United Nations (UN) a day after saying a formal invitation to the Philippines has been sent to them.

“I will play with you in public. I will ask five questions that will humiliate you and 10 questions where you will agree with me,” he said in a speech at the 42nd Philippine Business Conference and Expo in Pasay City on Thursday.

The President reiterated his earlier pronouncement that he be allowed to shoot questions to the UN, EU and the US, whom he invited to investigate the alleged extrajudicial killings under his administration.

He said that he would also prepare questions for his critics.

“Give me also the right to be heard so I will have to ask you questions after questioning me. I will wrap you in my fingers. I’ll play with you, I’m very sure they cannot be brighter than me. Believe me, I will just toy with you,” he said.

The President said that while the US, EU and UN have the money, Filipinos have the brains.

“We are a small nation. Maybe God gave you the money, but we have the brains,” he said.

On Wednesday, Malacañang (President's official residence) said it was awaiting the response of the UN after it confirmed on Wednesday that it had sent a formal invitation to rapporteur Agnes Callamard to investigate the drug killings in the Philippines.

Duterte also said that the government had sent an invitation to the US and EU.


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