State Secretariat of Civil Aviation asks China for Covid-19 information

PHNOM PENH (The Phnom Penh Post/ANN) - Minister in charge of the State Secretariat of Civil Aviation (SSCA) Mao Havanall said on Wednesday that China will share its experience of Covid-19 to stop its spread in Cambodia.

Minister in charge of the State Secretariat of Civil Aviation (SSCA)
Mao Havanall said on Wednesday that China will share its experience of
Covid-19 to stop its spread in Cambodia.

The SSCA Facebook page said the request was made when Havanall met
with Zuo Wenxing the political counsellor at the Chinese embassy to

It said Zuo had responded willingly and shared valuable
information on managing and preventing Covid-19, especially at
international airports and while in flight.

SSCA spokesman Sin Chan Sereivutha said during the meeting, both
sides discussed methods to prevent Covid-19 and Zuo highlighted China’s
success in the measures it had taken in Wuhan (the epicentre of the
coronavirus), Hubei province, and across China.

The measures China had taken, he said, resulted in a
remarkable decline in new cases and evidenced that China had taken
control of the disease.

Havanall told Zuo that the SSCA had worked with care, and was
appealing to all airports and airline companies to practice good hygiene
to stop the spread of the novel coronavirus.

He said medical officials from the Ministry of Health had checked the
temperatures of all those passing through Cambodian airports.

“At the meeting, the minister requested that China share its
experience and information on the best practises to preventing the
spread of Covid-19,” Chan Sereivutha said.

The meeting with Zuo was organised in collaboration with the SSCA and the Ministry of Health.

On Wednesday, the Chinese embassy posted on its website that
combating Covid-19 in China had come from cooperation between virus
experts, doctors and military officials.

It said they had taken part in combating the virus at the front line “courageously and bravely”.

“While stopping Covid-19 in China, the country also provided
detection reagent and prevention materials to other countries. We also
shared treatment procedures and sent volunteer experts to other
countries,” it said.

Meanwhile, Kampong Cham provincial health department head Sour Phirum
said Minister of Health, Mam Bun Heng on Wednesday visited the
65-year-old British woman who contracted Covid-19 from a Vietnamese
passenger who sat beside her while on a flight from England to Vietnam.

The woman entered Cambodian territory when she was among 64 other
passengers and crew on the Viking Cruise Journey cruise ship that
travelled from Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam to Kampong Cham province in
the Kingdom.

All of the passengers are under strict quarantine on the ship itself
and have not been allowed to disembark pending health checks for

“The British woman’s health is normal and she is being kept in
quarantine. None of the other passengers had any symptoms, but they are
being quarantined for the required 14 days, and their health is being
monitored closely as well,” he said.

Ministry spokesperson Ou Vandine said shortly after Bun Heng’s visit,
the British Embassy in Cambodia requested the woman be transferred from
the Kampong Cham Hospital to another in Phnom Penh for treatment and to
facilitate the provision of assistance to her.

The woman is said to be disabled and uses a prosthetic leg.

Vandine said that before agreeing to transfer her to Phnom Penh, the
ministry had discussed the matter in detail with the World Health
Organisation and the US Centres for Disease Control.

Ly Sovann, the director of the Communicable Disease Control
Department said on his Facebook page on Wednesday evening that the
British woman was in good health with minimum to zero symptoms.

“Those who came into contact with her included an interpreter, a
tuk-tuk driver and his daughter. They have all since tested negative for
Covid-19,” he said.