Perlis Road Transport Department launches videos in five languages to auction vehicles

KANGAR, Malaysia (Sin Chew Daily/ANN) - The Perlis Road Transport Department launches a video clip in five languages – Malay, English, Mandarin, Tamil and Thai to promote its auction of vehicles on 24 Mac, 2020. 

Hello everyone, the Perlis Road Transport Department will auction a total of 27 vehicles at its building on 24 March.
This is extracted from the video made by the department to auction vehicles seized by the department. 
It is surprising to watch a video featuring Malay officer Nur Shafiqah Azaman speaking in Mandarin. 
Nur Shafiqah once communicated with two university students from China back in September 2017. She assisted them to complete the change of name for their vehicle. 
This time she is tasked to promote the auction of vehicles by the road transport department. 
Apart from the releasing video in Mandarin, the Perlis Road Transport Department also recorded the video in four other languages – English, Malay, Tamil and Thai. Officers from the department were selected to speak in different languages.
Indian officer Renganathan Subramaniam speaks Tamil, Chaliau Aisin of Thai descent speaks Thai, Noor Afidah Binti Abdul Rashid speaks Malay and Nor Ruzaini Binti Ahmad Kamal in English. 
The video clips have since been uploaded on the Facebook page of Perlis Road Transport Department. 
The department would be having an auction to dispose 27 types of vehicles. Interested bidders can purchase the information from the department between 9 and 23 March. 
Initially netizens misunderstood the Road Transport Department by launching the video in Thai only and criticised the department for violating the Federal Constitution.
Perlis Road Transport Department director Fatimah Mohamed Ali Piah accepted the criticisms and believed that the criticisms helped to promote the auction of the vehicles. 
“There is nothing wrong to have five languages to announce the auction of vehicles. Malay language is the official language of the country but our country is made up of various ethnic groups,’’ she said. 
As the department staff is made up of different ethnic groups due to its geographical location, she decided to launch the video in five languages to promote auction held by the department.
Fatimah said the department is not deterred by the criticisms. The criticisms have since become a form of encouragement for the staff. 
For Nur Syafiqah, she sought help from Chinese runners and agents who used to visit the department for the word `auction`. She also relied on google translate. 
For a video clip of 1 minute and 30 seconds, it took one to two hours for recording, she said. 
Nur Syafiqah memorised the Chinese text and also showed her Chinese mother the video.
The mother helped her in pronunciation and choice of words. She recorded the video again for a better presentation.