NDF presidential candidate vows to appoint new PM

COLOMBO (The Island/ANN) - New Democratic Front presidential candidate Sajith Premadasa vows to appoint a Prime Minister who could command the confidence of the majority in Parliament.

New Democratic Front (NDF) presidential candidate, Sajith Premadasa yesterday said that he, if elected President, he would appoint a new Prime Minister who could command the confidence of the majority in Parliament.

Issuing a special statement, Premadasa has said that not a single MP who faces allegations of bribery and corruption will be appointed to his Cabinet.

"I will hold a free and fair election as soon as possible and establish a new stable government. I will take in professionals and qualified women into parliament from the National List. Young people and women will be given opportunity and support to contest the coming general and provincial council election."

Premadasa has said that he will ensure that his ministers will not be allowed to use their powers to promote businesses and end the habit of filling government institutions with family members and relatives.

"My Cabinet will comprise young professionals and top officials will be appointed based on merit. These are people who will not hesitate to declare their assets.

"We will set development and social tasks and establish an independent institution that can review our achievement in reaching these goals."

The NDF candidate also pledged to halt providing vehicle permits and a large security detail to MPs and end the elitist political culture. "Rapists, deal makers, terrorists, extremists and criminals will not be protected under my administration."

Premadasa has also said that he would take steps to take the Constitution making from parliament to the people and that he will not attempt to implement a new Constitution unless the general public directly endorses it. "The biggest threat to this country is the excessive greed of a small group of elites. This clique is preventing the majority from achieving their potential. My social revolution is to end that."


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