Myanmar: Some Tatmadawmen dead and some locals wounded in TNLA’s attack in Hsenwi

NAYPYITAW (Eleven Media Group/ANN) - In TNLA’s attack in Hsenwi on Lashio-Muse Union Highway, some Tatmadawmen were dead and some locals were wounded.

Some Tatmadawmen were dead and some locals wounded in TNLA’s attack in Hsenwi on Lashio-Muse Union Highway.
Ta’ ang National Liberation Army (TNLA), the armed wing of the Palaung State Liberation Front (PSLF), launched an attack on Tatmadaw’s motorcade in the downtown Hsenwi, killing two Tatmadawmen and injuring some residents, said Brig-Gen Zaw Min Tun, Secretary of Tatmadaw True News Information Team, adding that the TNLA committed war crimes on October 9.
“Under the cover of wards and houses in the downtown area, the TNLA launched an attack on Tatmadaw motorcade and it is an offense against war crime. The people and the citizens can witness the TNLA’s attitude toward peace by reviewing the TNLA’s attack on Tatmadaw motorcade in the downtown of Hsenwi,” said Brig-Gen Zaw Min Tun.
The attack that the TNLA launched in Hsenwi on Lashio-Muse Union Highway in northern Shan State broke out at about 6.30 am on October 9. Shrapnel coming from the heavy weapons flew on the roofs of some houses in Hsenwi.
“At about 6.30 am this morning, the TNLA went down to Hsenwi from Kaunghmuphat and fired at Tatmadaw motorcade. Both sides exchanged fires. There were some casualties after the attack. The schoolchildren don’t come to schools in the downtown. The traffic came to a stop in the morning. Now the traffic returns to normal,” said an official of Hsenwi General Administration Department.
The shootings broke out in the downtown area and so the shops in Hsenwi closed. The town remains quiet and it doesn’t have busy noisy activities of a lot of people.
“We heard of many sounds of shootings this morning. We hid under the house because of being afraid. The streets in the town went silent and were not busy. The shops and the banks were closed. No one came to schools,” said Ma Mar Lar, a Hsenwi resident.
Seven residents sustained injuries during the attack of the TNLA in the downtown Hsenwi.