Mr Bit Bit is back, thanks to a good samaritan who donates a used car to a 92-year-old snack peddlar

IPOH, Malaysia (Sin Chew Daily / ANN) A 92-year-old snack peddler is all smiles again as he is back operating his snack business outside a primary school in Ipoh after a good Samaritan donates him a used car. Zhou Wei has been selling snacks in front of the school for the past 40 years and his only vehicle used as makeshift stall was damaged in a car accident recently. A neighbour posted his story online where a man donated him a used car. 

Uncle Bit Bit is back selling snacks again!

The 92-year-old snack peddlar who has been selling snacks for the past 40 years in front of a Chinese primary school in Ipoh stopped after he met with an accident. His only car was totally damaged in the accident and he suffered light injuries. 

Without the car, he was unable to operate his snack business again. 

Zhou Wei was hoping someone to donate some money for him to buy a used car. His neighbour helped him to start raising fund online and the response was overwhelming. 

Many people were willing to donate him a car. 

A man from Kuala Lumpur identified as Mr Zhang donated his second hand proton saga to Zhou. Zhou did not even get a chance to thank him personally. 

“My neighbour who lives across the road take me to settle the paper work for the car. He also takes me to visit doctor. I am grateful that many want to help me, “said Zhou. He was in tears. 

To many, he is a familiar face. After Zhou’s story was posted online, many netizens wished him a speedy recovery. Many were glad to see him back selling snacks. 

Since young he drives a three-wheeled motorcycle to sell snacks by pressing his honks `Bit Bit`. That is how he is now called as Mr Bit Bit. He started selling in front of school when he got older. He did not make a lot of money selling snacks but he was contented with a simple life. Zhou, who is single for many years, has always insisted on earning his living.

He is also talkative and loves to chat with people. 

“It is ok that you do not buy anything. I am glad to chat with you,’’ he told the reporter. 

Zhou said he wants to continue working so that he will not be suffering from dementia. 

He starts his day by setting up his stall at 10am at the school and return home after 2pm. He is back in school at 4pm. 

On Sunday and school holidays, he will be watching others playing mah-jong to keep his mind active. 

The healthy Mr Bit Bit has his way to maintain his health.

He takes bland food and stays away from fried and spicy food. 

Occasionally, he enjoys that snacks that he is selling. 

Pupils in school are calling him `uncle`, some call him `Mr Bit Bit.”

“Sometimes the pupils tell me they do not have enough money. I will offer them free. The next day, they return money to me.’’

He has his way of selling the snacks to the pupils. Some buy chewing gum. He will ask them whether they can swallow the gum. If the answer is yes, he will not sell.