Minister: Digital literacy an essential skill for everyone

PHNOM PENH (The Phnom Penh Post/ANN) - Tram Iv Tek, Minister of Posts and Telecommunications said digital literacy is an essential skill that citizens, students and civil servants at all levels should learn to contribute to economic growth.

Minister of Posts and Telecommunications Tram Iv Tek said digital
literacy is an essential skill that citizens, students and civil
servants at all levels should learn to contribute to economic growth.

The statement came as the minister announced government plans to incorporate digital leadership into the economic policy.

Iv Tek made the remarks on Tuesday during the closing ceremony
to present 1,463 students with awards after their successful completion
of a digital literacy course organised by the ministry on app and
Smartphone programming.

“Training in digital literacy not only covers digital skills but also
technological capacity and its application within the workplace.

“Participation in digital literacy training will benefit not only the individual but the wider economy,” he said.

Iv Tek also said that the ministry had increased the digital literacy
of civil servants. “For the first step, the ministry measured degrees
of digital literacy in civil servants.

“These statistics will be noted, then staff will undergo digital
literacy training and we will measure the difference their digital
competency has in the workplace in correspondence to various targets.

“From this, we hope to prove its effectiveness and formulate digital
policies for the benefit of the government and economy,” he said.

The ministry, Iv Tek said, would also help support the development of
digital skills with the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport.

He also said his ministry will continue building technological
infrastructures at high and junior high schools and support them with
training programmes.

The ministry requested that the Ministry of Education, Youth and
Sport examine the possibility of ministry-approved digital training
being incorporated into curriculums to ensure wider digital literacy
among students.

Ministry spokesman Meas Bo told The Post on Thursday that Cambodia is
formulating policies on digital literacy and the digital economy.

“To keep up with the current trend, citizens, students and civil
servants at all levels need to add digital literacy to their skill sets.

“There is a wide variety of digital technology, including
Smartphones, computers and other electronic systems, that require
knowledge to use. We, therefore, must stay up to date in the digital age
to use them,” he said.

Bo said his ministry is now collaborating with the Ministry of
Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation to draft policies on
digital government and economy.