Laos' Three Builds directive helps to spur development

VIENTIANE (Vientiane Times/ANN) - The community is implementing the Three Builds directive to boost development and change living standards for the better.

The government is using many ways to develop rural areas nationwide and move closer to its goal of eradicating poverty by 2020.

The Party’s Three Builds (Sam Sang) directive is an import part of this process and is becoming instrumental in the development process in Nala village, Xayaboury district, Xayaboury province.

The directive is an important key in helping all villages to make economic progress and achieve sustainable development.

District officials have merged four villages to form Nala village, which is home to 4,075 people in 800 families and is located about 15km from the urban centre of Xayaboury district.

The community is implementing the Three Builds directive to boost development and change living standards for the better.

The directive was laid down in the Resolution of the 9th Party Congress. It spells out how provinces are to be built up as strategic units, districts as comprehensively strengthened units, and villages as development units.

In recent years the government has spent 248 billion kip on 943 projects to develop infrastructure and promote agriculture among people in 109 villages of the 51 districts under Sam Sang initiatives.

The village has a total area of 6,159 hectares. Of this, 4,056 hectares is used for farming with rice grown on 489 hectares. Local people grow crops and raise animals, while weaving and trade provide additional sources of income, said village Head Mr Hinphet Khounkhamkeo.

Since the Three Builds directive was put into practice in 2012, district officials have been teaching villagers about the government’s policy to improve living standards and explaining that every community must contribute to this effort.

Village officials have set up agricultural production groups and production areas that match local conditions, and helping villagers to grow more crops so they can earn more money and improve their families’ standard of living.

Some 64 projects have been set up under the Three Builds directive, including the formation of crop growing and animal husbandry groups. Each group can borrow money from the Nayoby Bank to use to raise cattle and pigs, and also to grow crops for sale and personal consumption.

Mr Hinphet said an irrigation channel has been built to ensure sufficient water for agricultural production.

In addition, roads are being upgraded to make it easier for people to transport their produce and to benefit from other services.

Education is also receiving a boost so that all the children in the community can eventually attend school.

Mr Hinphet said the Three Builds directive had helped to develop Nala village and rural areas were gradually seeing improvements to basic infrastructure, which were fundamental to progress.

Average annual per capita income in the community is now about 15 million kip, which is expected to increase year by year.

A village development fund has been set up and now has 1,235 members and savings of 9.3 billion kip, which is helping families to rise above poverty and expand the village into a small town.

Mr Hinphet said that in the near future Nala village will be able to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals as everyone in the community is making progress and villagers are enjoying better living standards.

The Three Builds directive will continue to be rolled out in numerous villages as it is proving to be effective in spurring development and bringing about change. Through this momentum, Xayaboury province will be able to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals in the near future.

Xayaboury has 11 districts, of which Xayaboury and Xienghone are on the list of the 47 poorest districts nationwide as designated by the government.