Laos ministry details international support for education, sports

VIENTIANE (Vientiane Times/ANN) - International non-government organisations, associations and foundations are cooperating with the government to contribute US$99,663,578 as part of ongoing education and sports programmes around the country.

International groups this year will provide US$17,253,833 to develop universities, schools and other education and sports sector initiatives in numerous provinces.

The External Relations Department of the Ministry of Education and Sports revealed the information during the 2019 Annual Review Meeting on Cooperation with International Non-Governmental Organisations and Associations, held in Vangvieng district, Vientiane province, from November 21-22.

Deputy Minister of Education and Sports, Mr Boualane Sylipanya, representatives of ministries, provincial education and sports departments, and NGOs attended the meeting.

During the review, participants discussed their experiences of the positive cooperation between the ministries, provinces and aid groups.    

The meeting heard that NGOs, associations and foundations were allocating a significant proportion of their budgets to provide uniforms and educational equipment to support studying and teaching, as well as organising training courses to help strengthen the education system.

Currently, 42 aid organisations are helping to support 52 separate projects under the Ministry of Education and Sports, with another 19 initiatives in the pipeline valued at US$31,446,652. Grant aid from many organisations has been targeted at developing education and sports infrastructure, as well as improving the quality of teaching in remote districts to lift overall education standards. According to the External Relations Department, the NGOs’ association was also funding an ongoing foundation to help develop education and sports, with US$199,608 allocated in 2019 from a total fund of US$616,672.