The integrated travel tech portal, Discover Laos Today, opens

VIENTIANE (Vientiane Times/ANN) - Discover Laos Today, Laos’ first integrated travel tech portal to inspire people around the world to travel and experience Laos was launched last week in the world heritage city of Luang Prabang to enrich Laos’ tourism offerings to the world.

Attending the launch ceremony were Deputy Minister of Information, Culture and Tourism Mr Ounthuang Khaophanh, Director of the Luang Prabang Provincial Information, Culture and Tourism Department Mr Soulithip Norkhounphonh, and over 100 tourism professionals from hotels, restaurants and tour companies.

Speaking at the launch of the travel tech portal, Mr Ounthuang said Discover Laos Today would help to develop and promote tourism in Laos, especially in Luang Prabang, to be successful.

During the launch, a presentation was given by the co-founders of three nationalities in Laos, Mr Ninthala Keohamphet, Singapore’s Mr Benny Kong, and Cambodia’s Mr Danou Samnang.

With an unclear brand equity for Laos, the team highlighted that Laos’ brand promise is history, nature and heritage, and the company is targeting Asian Millennial Travellers (AMTs), as this group of people will drive the next wave of tourism travel expenditure, expected to rise to US$340 billion by 2020.

The company’s mission is to enrich Laos’ tourism offerings to the world and promote sustainable tourism, by working hand in hand with local businesses. Its vision - “Steeped in Buddhist traditions, Laos is an under-recognised natural masterpiece.  That’s why we believe that, through Discovering Laos Today, you can liberate your happiest self.”

AMTs are digital natives and educated consumers. They are looking for new cultural places to explore and their most used forms of social media are Instagram and Facebook. They are willing to put in the time and have the know-how to conduct extensive research.

To target AMTs, the company’s primary focus is on digital to attract travellers through the online travel ecosystem. Discover Laos Today believes that AMTs are looking for cities which are off the beaten track, but not that off. Hence, the opportunity for Laos to capitalise on the AMT consumer market space.

Discover Laos Today’s six branding and marketing strategies consist of an Integrated Platform, Brand Campaign & Contest, Documentary & TV Productions, Discover Laos Tourism Ambassador, Network Marketing and Direct Booking & Brand Building Services.

The Integrated Platform consists of six features: Website, Content and Media, Newsletters and Magazines, Influencer Marketing, and Social Media and Digital Marketing.

The website helps to connect Lao SMEs to an international audience through exciting and engaging content, multimedia and social media.

Some of the website’s key services include Instant Booking, a Book Now Direct Button, which is provided on a tour company’s website to directly link back to the Discover Laos Today booking page, content and media provided for every province in Laos, rate and allotment manager, and tourist information for all tourist destinations in Laos.

The site will also be available in Thai, Mandarin, Korean and Japanese languages to cater to a wider audience.

For Influencer Marketing, Discover Laos Today invites influencers from around the world to travel to Laos and write a review or film a video to encourage people to come to Laos.

The Social Media and Digital Marketing feature will create brand awareness about Laos to the rest of the world through Facebook and Instagram Pages.

The Discover Laos Today Facebook Page currently has over 16,000 likes and followers, and they started their Instagram Page three months ago.



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