How Much Time Asians Spend Helping Their Child With Education?

NEW DELHI (DataLEADS/ANN) - Indian parents spend far more time helping their child with their education compared to other countries of the world.

According to the report published by Varkey Foundation, parents in lower income and emerging economies are more likely to spend significant amounts of time helping their children outside the classroom than those in established economies.

India tops the list of Asian countries and also globally with parents taking education under serious consideration for the growth and development of their children. Parents in India dedicate around 12 hours per week to help children in their studies, according to the survey.

The survey report says better educated parents were more likely to spend some time every week helping their children with their education. Also, Asian households spend about 15% of their income on supplemental education services.

Vietnam follows India closely.

Vietnamese parents spend around 10.2 hours per week by helping children in their studies and homework. Indonesia comes third among Asian countries with parents spending 8.6 hours per week to help their children with education, followed closely by Malaysia ranking fourth in Asia and spending 8 hours per week to support the education of their children.

Singapore is ranked fifth among Asian countries where parents spend around 7.9 hours per week to help their kids in their studies.

China takes the sixth position among Asian countries where parents give 7.2 hours per week to help their children in their studies at home.

Japanese and South Korean parents spend far less time helping kids in their learning process, spending only 2.6 hours and 5.4 hours per week.