FEATURE: Tips - What’s in a Jar?

DHAKA (The Daily Star/ANN) - There is a range of savoury dishes, which might as well look and taste great when placed in a jar.

A jar is not just for use as a showpiece or having a plant grow in. To some, it might be the next best thing after a plate. A jar is the perfect container to hold all sorts of food together to take your palates for a good ol’ spin route to taste town.

A surprising array of diverse flavours enmeshing in a jar, in this case, glass mason jars, seem to be the perfect beguiling fit. So, what might fit in a jar, or does a jar fit all? There is a range of savoury dishes, which might as well look and taste great when placed in a jar.

Overnight oats: A jar makes the perfect placement and preparation for this wholesome breakfast which, for many of us, is a daily go-to meal.

High in fibre and soaked in milk, sprinkled with small bits of raspberries or blueberries, followed by a night of refrigeration, makes up plenty for one’s busy day ahead. In addition, it looks good and fits perfectly well into the busy schedules of gruelling modern lives, keeping up for a total of 5 days in the fridge.

Chunky Mediterranean Salad: A vibrant, colourful, and vivid salad is always in our good books. Who can after all say no to vitamins and carbohydrates?

This salad, originating from the coastal shores of the Mediterranean, is quite a chunk, creating a perfect home for layered salads. A delicate, compact and rich garden in a jar.

Filled with freshly plucked and cut tomatoes, olives, cucumbers and finely roasted red-yellow peppers, ladled with crumbled cheese and coated salad dressing, this meal is a vegan’s paradise.

Thai Salad: Thai food is great, delicious and the one dish many of us like to relish, irrespective of our diverse palates.

Thai Salad, in the same vein, is unique and different. A portable lunch or dinner to take on the go, this salad consists of not only vegetables of all sorts, including the crunchy ones like peas, beans or tomatoes, alongside delicate ones like lettuce, and spinach but also includes protein like chicken and shrimp.

A perfect coexistence of a balanced meal in a jar is what everyone should find healthy. Moreover, it is all modifiable depending on one’s own choice.

Cheeseburger Mason Jar Salad: A hearty meal in a jar that’s easy to grab for an on-the-go meal that delivers all the fabulous cheeseburger punch with a bit of more calories you love in each smaller bite.

After heating and stirring the beef with the desired spices and sauces, you allow it to be cooled. Follow with the desired amount of dressing with the tomatoes, pickles, onions, cheese, cooled beef mixture, and finally with the lettuce.

The jars are then sealed and can be kept in the refrigerator for up to 4 days.