Chong Chieng Jen: Malaysia and China record strong growth in trade

KUALA LUMPUR (Sin Chew Daily / ANN) - Deputy Minister of Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs of Malaysia Chong Chieng Jen says Malaysia and China record strong growth in trade from January to September this year.

From January to September, the export of Malaysia to China have reached RM100 billion (US$24.27 billion) while export from China to Malaysia is close to RM129 billion (US$31.31 billion), says Deputy Minister of Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs of Malaysia Chong Chieng Jen.
“Economic scholars across the world are saying economy is not doing well but I believe there are business opportunities in crisis and hope everyone to seize the opportunities,” he said.
Speaking at the One Belt One Road Chinese Entrepreneurs Summit, Chong said his ministry covers domestic trade matters and entrepreneurs all of sectors.
“To be business friendly under the new government, we welcome entrepreneurs to contact the ministry if they face problems such as procedural matters in the government. I will try my best to assist,’’ he said. 
The Federation of Malaysia Chinese Guilds president Lum Kim Soong proposes Malaysia and China to collaborate in promoting Chinese medicine tourism by establishing a three-in-one Chinese medicine base on production, education and research. 
Lum said the federation will be organising the first World Chinese Medicine Cultural Festival at Genting in July 2020. Apart from providing the platform to exchange views in Chinese medicine between China and Malaysia, the event would also explore on the possibility of setting up Chinese medicine tourism in Malaysia. 
He added that the summit also arranged for business associations from Malaysia and China to sign collaborative memorandum so that the cooperation between Malaysia and China would not be confined to the summit only. The federation would be co-ordinating to promote further development on collaborative projects. 
The summit is organised by the federation, assisted by the Malaysia Chinese Products Expo and Guangdong Importers and Exporters Association. A total of 26 Malaysian business associations and 16 business associations from China participate in the summit to explore a bigger market share and an effective business platform.
The summit also invites experts from five business sectors to deliver keynote address on Malaysia market for participants to understand the local market.