Brunei records 25 per cent rise in vehicle fire cases

BANDAR SERI BEGAWAN (Borneo Bulletin/ANN) - The Fire and Rescue Department recorded a 25 per cent increase in vehicle fire cases last year compared to 2016.

According to statistics provided by the department, 101 vehicle fire cases were recorded last year compared to 78 cases in the previous year.

The estimated damages due to vehicle fire incidents stood at B$942,650 last year, the department said in a statement yesterday.

The main causes of the vehicle fire are faulty electrical component and lack of proper maintenance of vehicles, the department said, adding that poor maintenance can damage the mechanical system and result in fire.

Another cause is fuel line leakage due to lack of scheduled preventive maintenance.

Other factors include arson, human errors, heavy impact from accidents and modification of vehicle - like installing a car stereo system - not in accordance with standards and by unqualified and uncertified technicians. Overheating of engine due to failure of cooling system can also cause fire.

The statistics and causes of vehicle fires were revealed by Station Officer Andi Karmila Waty binti Haji Abdul Karim, Public Relations Officer at the Fire and Rescue Department.

She also shared a number of fire prevention tips for vehicles in an interview with the Weekend Bulletin.

Vehicles should be equipped with fire extinguishers and preventive maintenance works should be carried out frequently, she said, also highlighting the need to ensure that vehicles’ electrical and electronic systems are checked during services, besides conducting frequent visual checks to make sure there are no signs of leak.

The station officer also urged the public not to keep anything that could cause a fire in the vehicle - like a PowerBank.

If a vehicle is on fire, try to extinguish it without risking life and contact the Fire and Rescue Department’s hotline at 995, she informed.