Brunei NGO helps Syrian refugees

KILIS, Turkey (Borneo Bulletin/ANN) - Three WeCare members travelled to Kilis, Turkey to deliver assistance to displaced Syrians housed in a refugee camp in the country under the ‘Untukmu Syria’ programme recently.

The WeCare group was led by president Haji Rusdi Asdani bin Haji Jorsni along with Mohammad Azlin bin Azlani and Muhammad ‘Abdusysyahiid bin Idris.

The trio said that it was a case of mixed feelings for most of them, as while it was a wonderful feeling to be able to bring aid to the Syrian refugees to ease their hardship, it was at the same time very sad to see their condition firsthand and knowing that the donations they brought can only provide brief relief to them.

"There was also the worry that we couldn’t enter Syria as the war in Afrin (a Syrian district near the Turkish border) was still ongoing, but Alhamdulillah, with the help of Turkey’s Disaster and Emergency Management Authority (AFAD) and our partner Shafaq Sham, we were able to supply 1,500 food packs to the Syrians in Syria," added Haji Rusdi Asdani.

"The Syrians are living in horrendous conditions and their situation is dire, yet their faith and love for Allah the Almighty has kept them going, their resolve to survive in the face of despair is really insurmountable. It is impressive to see that."

Mohd Azlin noted that during the visit their main focus was to make sure the aid was prepared and ready to be delivered.

"We were brought to see the camps where the Syrian refugees are living and also distributed food packs to the poor Syrian families in Turkey (Kilis) and education packs consisting stationery to the Syrian children," he said.

For Muhammad ‘Abdusysyahiid, visiting the camps and witnessing up close how bad the situation really is had a profound effect on him.

"Insya Allah, we are planning to make the visit to the camps an annual trip, at least once a year, as it was frustrating to leave the camp without being able to do more," he said.

Haji Rusdi Asdani, on behalf of WeCare, extended his words of appreciation to members of the public who have contributed donations to their relief project prior to their departure to Turkey, adding that he hoped Allah the Almighty will reward them for helping their fellow human beings.

WeCare started collecting aid from the public from February 19 to March 9 this year before setting off on their journey to Turkey on March 14.