The Statesman (India)

NEW DELHI (The Statesman/ANN) - For Japan’s longest-serving Prime Minister, this is the biggest test since returning to office in 2012. Shinzo Abe has been criticised for an initial lack of leadership and he abruptly took steps to close schools leaving parents and employers scrambling. I

NEW DELHI (The Statesman/ANN) - Scindia’s brief resignation letter to Congress interim president, Sonia Gandhi, stating that his step had been in the making for over a year points to the brewing discontent in one of the party’s top leaders and, more amazingly, that the party did little to stem it.

NEW DELHI (The Statesman/ANN) - Across the world, governments are shutting down schools temporarily or curbing their activities, with an estimated 3 million school children affected due to the rapid spread of the coronavirus pandemic.

NEW DELHI (The Statesman/ANN) - He has been associated with the AAP since its inception in 2012 and has held the post of its treasurer.

NEW DELHI (The Statesman/ANN) - Pakistan responded positively to Modi’s proposal, saying it was ready to participate in the conference, acknowledging that coordinated efforts were needed to minimise the threat posed by the deadly Coronavirus.

NEW DELHI (The Statesman/ANN) - Eating an immune-system friendly diet goes a long way to protect yourself from the virus

NEW DELHI (The Statesman/ANN) –​ The hike of 4 per cent means that the monthly salary of central government employees’ will go up by US$9 to US$134 per month.

NEW DELHI (The Statesman/ANN) –​ Given the inherent chicanery, deceit and deviousness of intent involved in Whataboutery, it is the favoured means of those who seek to hide their own misdoings and lack of credible answers. 

NEW DELHI (The Statesman/ANN) –​ The 24-hour news cycle has instilled fear in millions of people by broadcasting minute-by-minute updates on the rising death toll around the world due to the spread of coronavirus.

NEW DELHI (The Statesman/ANN) –​ Sheikh Hasina has deferred the programme in the wake of the outbreak of coronavirus, which has claimed at least one life in her country