BEIJING (China Daily/ANN) - Gary Locke, former US ambassador to China and commerce secretary in the Obama administration, said imposing tariffs is not the best way to handle trade disputes with China.

BEIJING (China Daily/ANN) - The top discipline watchdog of the Communist Party of China has launched a nationwide campaign to fight formalism and bureaucracy to ensure tasks are carried out efficiently and effectively at all levels.

BEIJING (China Daily/ANN) - The United States has benefited greatly from Sino-US trade despite its trade deficit with China, and accusations regarding China’s alleged intellectual property theft and forced technology transfers are unfounded, senior Chinese officials said on Tuesday.

BEIJING (China Daily/ANN) - In a sign that it will not hesitate to make more moves that could worsen the already highly strained Sino-US relations, the Donald Trump administration has approved the sale of spare parts for F-16 fighter jets and other military aircraft worth up to $330 million to Taiwan.

BEIJING (China Daily/ANN) - The outlawing of the Hong Kong National Party has sent a strong signal across the Hong Kong Social Administrative Region that separatist activities will not be tolerated. The ban of the party that advocated “Hong Kong independence” also sends a clear message that the central and SAR governments will defend at all costs the country’s territorial integrity and the principle of “one country, two systems” — the red line President Xi Jinping emphasized in Hong Kong last year.

BANGKOK (The Nation/ANN) - Election and aftermath can be neither free nor fair otherwise.

BANGKOK (The Nation/ANN) - Govt agencies step up research, confident law will be changed; recreational use to be illegal.

BANGKOK (The Nation/ANN) - The Thai government has not granted intellectual rights of the rescue of the Mu Pa (Wild Boar) football team and their coach to any filmmakers.

COLOMBO ( The Island/ANN ) - Sri Lanka has sought assistance from the International Monetary Fund to tide over the global crisis that has arisen due to the US dollar strengthening agianst many currencies , Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe said in Nattandiya yesterday.

TOKYO (The Japan News/ANN) - Craftspeople in Chofu, Tokyo, add finishing touches on Tuesday to ceramic bells shaped like boars, the Chinese zodiac sign for 2019.