World’s Best Countries To Retire in 2019

NEW DELHI (DataLEADS/ANN) - Malaysia and Thailand are ranked among the top ten countries to retire in, according to the Ireland based International Living

The Annual Global Retirement Index is a survey based report that scores the country based on thirteen factors such as healthcare, ease of retirement visa, climate, development, governance, lifestyle , opportunity, amenities and entertainment etc.

Panama tops the list with a score of 88.9.  Enjoying close proximity to the US the country is outside the hurricane belt.  The currency is US dollar and the country has low tax burden.  It is also known as First World City in the Central America.

Costa Rica is ranked second best city for retirement with a score of 87.8. Affordable medical care along with a stable democracy and natural beauty, it is known as the Switzerland of Central America. In 1948 the country the country abolished its army and directed the budget towards education and healthcare.

Mexico and Ecaudor are ranked third and fourth best cities to retire with a score of 87.4 and 87 respectively.

Malaysia is ranked the fifth best country to retire. With a score of 86 the country ranks well on natural beauty and living standards. Also the connectivity of the country to the rest of the region adds to its score and contributes to its ranking high on the list.

Colombia is ranked sixth best country to retire in. One of the world’s second most biodiverse countries the country offers a suitable climate to live in. Ease of getting retirement visa also contributes to the ranking of the country.

Portugal and Peru are ranked seventh and eighth best countries to retire in with a score of 85.2 and 84 respectively.

Thailand is the second Asian country to find a place on the list, With a score of 83.5 it is ranked as the ninth best country to retire in. The country is well connected  having interntional connections to all the major countries in the region and outside the region.

Spain is the tenth best country to retire in. WHO ranks Spain as the country with the best healthcare system which makes it easy for old people to live there.