Women Representation in Asian Parliaments

NEW DELHI (DataLEADS/ANN) – Nepal has the highest percentage of women in parliament followed by the Philippines and Laos.

Nepal has the highest number of percentage of women parliamentarians in Asia. Out of 275 seats 32.70 is represented by women.  The percentage has increased from 30% in 2017. The highest number of representation by women was ensued by the country’s legislation that reserved 33% seats for women in order to address the gender based discrimination in the society. Although discrimination against women in various forms exists in the society, the country leads in giving women a political voice.  

The Philippines has the second highest percentage of women in parliament in Asia. It slipped to second place due to a  slight slump from 30% last year to 29.50% this year.

Laos has the third highest percentage of women representation in Asia. Although the country has seen a dip from 28% to 27.50%, it maintains its third position.

Out of 494 seats women in Vietnam represent a 26.70 % of seats in the parliament. It has seen a slight decrease from the previous year. It is followed by China with 24.90 % and Singapore with 23%.

Pakistan has the seventh highest percentage of women parliamentarians in Asia. Out of 341 seats 20.20% is represented by women. Pakistan has been making efforts to improve womens’ representation in the parliament but has also seen a slight dip by 1 per ent according to the latest data.

Out of 125 seats, 20% is represented by women in Cambodia. It is followed by Indonesia with 19.80% and Mongolia by 17.10%.  South Korea has 17% women representation in the parliament. The percentage has remained static since last two years. It is followed by North Korea that has 16.30 % of women representation.

On eleventh position is Bhutan. Out of 47 seats 14.90% is represented by women. Bhutan doesn’t reserve any special quota for women as it considers it undemocratic and to have quotas for any section of society. It is followed by Malaysia with 13.90% at223 seats.

Women in India have been fighting for reservation in the parliament for a long time now. However as of now only 11.80 % women are in the parliament. The women’s reservation bill has been pending in the parliament for close to two decades now.

Myanmar and Japan are among the countries that have a low representation of women in the parliament. Out of 433 seats 10.20% is represented by women in Myanmar while as Japan has a 10.10% of women parliamentarians.  Brunei has 9.10% of women for 33 seats.

Sri Lanka and Thailand have the least representation of women in politics with only 5.80 and 5.30 percent of women in political institutions. Both countries have a long way to go to ensure women have a voice and representation in their political system.