Witness accuses YG of collusion with police in South Korea

SEOUL (The Korea Herald/ANN) - YG Entertainment’s Yang Hyun-suk faced allegations that he pressured a witness to change his testimony in an attempt to cover up iKON leader B.I’s alleged use of an illegal drug.

The witness filed a report Tuesday with the Anti-Corruption and Civil Rights Commission claiming the investigation into B.I’s alleged drug use was dismissed due to corrupt ties between police and YG, according to local media.
Yang forced the witness to change his testimony in favor of B.I and paid for a lawyer to help the idol star avoid investigation, KBS reported Wednesday.
YG Entertainment could not be reached for comment on the report.
Other media reports said that YG had denied the allegation, claiming Yang’s meeting with the witness was to check whether the rumors were true, adding Yang never forced him to change his testimony.
B.I, 23, whose real name is Kim Han-bin, bought hallucinogenic drug LSD in 2016 and police detected signs of the transaction but did not open an investigation into him, according to a report.
During a police investigation in August 2016, the witness testified that he had handed over the illegal substance to B.I. He then abruptly changed his testimony, saying he had never given the illegal substance to the singer.
Following the change in witness testimony, B.I was not investigated for the alleged drug use.
B.I denied the allegations, but he apologized and said he would leave the band on his Instagram.
Police said Thursday they are considering reopening an investigation into B.I.
In a statement, YG apologized for the drug allegation and announced it had terminated its contract with B.I.
“Taking this seriously, (YG) decided on his departure from the team and the termination of his exclusive contract,” YG said in a statement.


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