Taiwan President wants direct security talks with Japan

TAIPEI (The China Post/ANN) - President Tsai Ing-wen extended an invitation to engage in direct dialogue on regional security and cybersecurity with Japanese officials in an exclusive interview published on the front page of Japanese newspaper Sankei Shimbun on March 2.

Asked about the format of the aforesaid discussion, Tsai said that she would rely on the decision of the Japanese government, indicating strong intention to strengthen security cooperation with Japan in facing China’s growing military threats.

According to the Taipei-based Central News Agency, the Japanese media talked to President Tsai on Feb. 28, her first media interview since her announcement to run for her re-election in 2020 in an exclusive interview with CNN.

President Tsai added that she wants to enhance communication with the Japanese government to discuss regional security and cybersecurity, noting that Japan can decide the details of the possible talk which remain at its discretion.

Tsai said Japan Prime Minister Shinzo Abe has remained a good friend of Taiwan, praising his ability to make decisive decisions on Japan-Taiwan relations, according to the report.

The president believes that the time is ripe to enter a new stage for both countries to ensure security through bilateral talks.

The report also pointed out that President Tsai hailed for direct dialogue between Taiwan and Japan for the first time during the interview.

Meanwhile, President Tsai also expressed hopes to overcome legal barriers to share the latest developments on China’s naval fleet and its air force’s recent actions around Taiwan and Okinawa with Japan.