Seven months behind bars for trying to escape police custody

BANDAR SERI BEGAWAN (Borneo Bulletin/ANN) - The Magistrate’s Court yesterday handed down a seven month’s jail term to a 33-year-old local man who tried to escape police custody while being hospitalised.

Herdy Wandy bin Yussof was arrested by the police in a theft case.

DPP Nurul Fitri binti Kiprawi told the court yesterday that it was late at night on February 17, 2018, after being arrested for the theft allegations, the defendant had to be admitted to Room 4, Ward 20 at the Raja Isteri Pengiran Anak Saleha (RIPAS) Hospital because he was diagnosed with tuberculosis.

Police personnel were tasked to guard the defendant, and as part of security procedures, the defendant’s hand was cuffed to the bed rail.

On February 19, 2018, while still admitted, the defendant was guarded by a police sergeant.

Sometime after the defendant had his lunch, he became restless and complained to the sergeant that he was dissatisfied with his detention.

The sergeant initially ignored him but the defendant kept on pestering for him to be taken out of the ward, and made an excuse that he wanted to pray at the hospital’s prayer hall.

Eventually, the sergeant gave in to the defendant’s request.

Acting against the police procedure, the sergeant uncuffed the defendant and escorted him out of the room. Then, the defendant took advantage of the situation, ran out of the ward through the main door and escaped.

The sergeant tried to stop the defendant by pulling his shirt, but he managed to flee.

The policeman then gave chase to the defendant who ran downstairs and headed towards the basement parking area located at the new Women and Children’s Building.

Eventually, two security personnel who were on duty in the vicinity surrounded the defendant while the sergeant pursued shortly after.

The defendant was then escorted back into the Women and Children’s Centre Building.

There, he refused to comply with the sergeant’s instructions to return back to his room.

A brief scuffle ensued between them. Eventually, with the assistance of a member of the public, the defendant was finally apprehended by the sergeant.

The defendant was then escorted back to Room 4, Ward 20 by the sergeant, the two security personnel and the member of the public.

The sergeant registered the defendant’s escape from custody in the police report.
Magistrate Dewi Norlelawati binti Haji Abdul Hamid presided over the case.


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