RSAF rescues diving coach who drifted at sea for 3 days after boat sank

SINGAPORE (The Straits Times/ANN) - diving instructor John Low struggled for three days before being saved.

A diving instructor drifted at sea for three days in May after a bout of bad weather sank his boat.

Mr John Low had no food and water, and was starting to hallucinate on the third day when a passing ship caught sight of him in the South China Sea and brought him onboard.

The Republic of Singapore Air Force's (RSAF) search-and-rescue team, Rescue 10, was scrambled quickly on May 7 to pick him up from the ship and send him for emergency treatment.

On Friday (June 7), a month after the incident, Mr Low was reunited with his RSAF rescuers and was able to thank them for their help.

RSAF shared Mr Low's story and footage of his rescue on their Facebook page on Friday.

In the video, Mr Low said on that fateful day, the weather had become unpredictable and water began seeping into his boat.

Eventually, his boat began to sink and strong currents pushed him out of the vessel.

"I was on a ring buoy and I floated all the way," he said.

The moment Mr Low was lifted from the boat and up to a Super Puma helicopter was captured on video.

"That was a brave act," he said to the Rescue 10 team, who visited him at his home.

"I remember there was excitement to hold on to me and constrain me so that you can check all my vitals. But it was very reassuring," he added.

"After struggling for three days, once I saw the ship, it was like 'I am saved, now I can sleep well'."

Many Facebook users praised the RSAF for its work.

Eric Ng wrote: "Well done. Proud of all of you and appreciate your dedication and service."

Another user, Suh Ling, added: "Thank you for saving our dear friend. Kudos to the whole team."


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