Outgoing US envoy talks about comic books, life in Brunei

BANDAR SERI BEGAWAN (Borneo Bulletin /ANN) - Outgoing United States (US) Ambassador to Brunei Darussalam Craig B Allen recently lauded the benefits of reading comic books in sparking children’s imaginations and inspire them to do great things.

In an interview with the Borneo Bulletin at the opening of the Fanboys Infinite store at the Times Cineplex of Times Square Shopping Centre, the ambassador said, "Comic book characters like Batman and Superman are role models that people look up to for inspiration. The storylines are wonderful, and the art is easy and approachable."

On Fanboys Infinite, he said, "It’s a really interesting store, about the history of movies and comics, spanning two generations from the 1960s to the present. Anyone who loves movies will love this store."

He also revealed that his favourite character is Luke Skywalker from Star Wars, saying, "Luke is a guy who goes on a magnificent journey and ends up defeating the evil empire. Some of my favourite scenes in Star Wars take place at the Mos Eisley Cantina, where there are many unique characters. It’s all about creativity and imagination."

The outgoing ambassador also praised Brunei’s approach in helping former inmates gain employment.

"This should help the former inmates to lead dignified lives," he said. Regarding Brunei, he said, "It has many ethnicities, and everybody gets along. The place is great for not just kids, but adults as well."

Managing Director of Fanboys Group Khairul Anwar told the Borneo Bulletin, "After the Times Cineplex found out that our store was closing, they offered us a space here, so that we can work closer together.

"Times Cineplex has always been one of our collaborative partners. This means we can be closer to moviegoers, with more Marvel and DC movies coming up. This is a good space for us to promote the comic book culture."