One-month paternity leave granted for civil servants in Indonesia

JAKARTA (The Jakarta Post/ANN) - Civil servants now can take a month paternity leave.

Male civil servants are now permitted to take up to one month paternity leave to support their wives as part of the government's effort to support gender equality.

The details of the paternity leave were set out in a 2017 regulation issued by the National Civil Service Agency (BKN) on different types of leave.

According to an announcement by the official State Secretary website on Monday, the 2017 regulation stipulates that male civil servants whose wives are set to give birth can be granted leave by providing a statement letter from the healthcare service.

“The paternity leave is granted for a maximum of one month,” the regulation states.

BKN agency spokesman Mihammad Ridwan said the paternity leave was part of the government’s effort to promote gender equality by giving male employees a chance to take part in the family’s care taking obligations.

“The regulation also stipulates that the paternity leave does not cut into annual leave. Male civil servants will also receive their monthly income,” Ridwan said as reported by Antara on Tuesday adding that the income comprised both salary and allowances.

There had previously not been any regulation on the details of paternity leave in Indonesia, Ridwan acknowledged, adding that the 2003 Manpower Law only permitted male workers to take two days leave to accompany their wives as they gave birth.

The same law also provides female workers with three-months maternity leave.


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