Myanmar plans to build three pilot vessels for offshore project

NAYPYITAW (Eleven Media Group/ANN) - Myanmar is planning to build three pilot vessels for its offshore fixed pilot station project in its sea territory, according to Myanma Port Authority (MPA).

The offshore fixed pilot station will be finish building during this year and 60 per cent of construction works are finished, according to the MPA.

The project includes a three-storey building 33.2 meter in length and 30.4 meter in wide, a jetty, generator, water purifier, telecommunication equipments, radar and three pilot vessels and is expected to cost US$20.9 million.

The construction work of the pilot station, which was stopped in the rainy season, will resume in this month.

We stopped the construction work during the rainy season. The basement floor is already built and we are making a concrete level for its first floor. The project is expected to finish in December, said Deputy General Manager Dr Myo Nyein Aye from the MPA.

International bull carriers have to enter Yangon from the mouth of sea 64 kilometers away from Yangon harbour. Chief navigators from the MPA guided the ships using pilot vessels to enter and exit the harbour safely.

The MPA has anchored two pilot vessels alternating at the mouth of sea as a pilot station to control the entry and exit of the carriers.

At present, more ships have been entering at the Yangon port. The MPA planned to build the three-storey offshore fixed pilot station as it needed more staffs to be deployed at the pilot vessels and maintenance costs of the pilot vessels are big.

The offshore station will give advantages such as reducing overall cost and controlling the ships in all weather conditions.