Motorists handed fines, demerit points for using mobiles behind wheel

BANDAR SERI BEGAWAN (Borneo Bulletin/ANN) - Four motorists were recently slapped with compound fines of B$200 and 12 demerit points for using mobile phones while driving, the Enforcement Section of the Land Transport Department (JPD) revealed yesterday.

Ramandeep Singh, who was driving a company vehicle, and three other individuals driving their personal vehicles – Abu Bakar Howlader, Delonar Hossain and Precious Jr Nocete Solano – were issued with the fines and demerit points after they were caught committing the offences during a JPD crackdown on illegal mobile phone usage behind the wheel.

The offences fall under Section 29A, Chapter 68 of the Road Traffic Act.

JPD in a statement yesterday reminded the public, especially motorists to always obey the road and traffic regulations to ensure the safety, harmony and comfort of all road users.

The department reminded that using mobile phones while driving carries a fine of B$200 for the first offence, B$400 for the second offence, and for the third offence, the offender can be charged in court and face a fine of B$1,000 and six months’ imprisonment.

For subsequent offences, offenders can face a fine of B$2,000 and 12 months’ jail, in addition to being issued with 12 demerit points.

Using a mobile phone while driving was amended to a compound fine offence in February 2017.


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