Mongolia producing animation with quality meeting Walt Disney standard

ULAANBAATAR (GoGo Mongolia/ANN) - Mongolia is producing an animation on Gengis Khan`s true life story, which meets the standard of Walt Disney Pictures. 

It has been over 20 years since the transition from socialist system under a communist regime. Mongolia is a landlocked country between Russia and China. Although it has a vast mineral resource, it’s been one of those countries where an economic growth is still unstable, as well as scores a high in terms of corruption index.However, in the last few days, some high profile experts in the field of animation are talking about that Mongolia is creating a completely new or different face of animation in compliance with international standard or format. To briefly describe about this animation, it is a full animated work that’s been created on the basis of Gengis Khan’s true life story. And this computer animation also is being praised by those professional experts and producers commenting in which it has achieved the same level of quality and standard with Walt Disney Pictures, and according to news around the world, what is the most remarkable of this work is that was written, directed by an Mongolian author who hasn’t got such an international track record.

This animation will be likely released in the late of this year, some unofficial sources say.

Thus, Mongolia is entering into this global animation industry with a competing, powerful computer animation platform when a key trend of outsourcing is shifting towards Asia. 


  • Mongolia has produced an animation with quality of Walt Disney standard


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