Malaysia: Parents queue to register their children in Chinese primary school

IPOH, Malaysia (Sin Chew Daily/ANN) - Registration for primary school starts on 1 Mac and parents are seen queuing up as early as 3am in some schools to secure a place for their children.

Parents queue outside Chinese primary school at wee hours to secure a place for their children as registration starts 1 Mac as more than 90% of Chinese parents send their children to Chinese primary school. The queue is a reflection of parents who prefer their children to study in reputable Chinese primary school despite international schools are mushrooming. Non-Chinese pupils studying in Chinese primary schools are also on the rise. 

Some parents are heading to work after completing the registration process while some take leave for the day.They rather sacrifice the sleep for a day to secure a place for their children in a Chinese primary school.Parents were outside the school gate as early as 4am for Yuk Choy primary school despite registration starts at 8am. There were about 140 parents in the queue.

For Sam Tet primary school, the queue started at 6am. Up till 9.30am, about 100 parents were successful in registering their children for the school.

The queue by parent in Ave Maria primary school started as early as 3am. About 130 parents completed registration process in two hours after registration started at 8am. 

Despite online registration is now available, parents still prefer to personally register at the school. They are willing to queue at early hours in order to secure a seat for their children. Parents are still emphasising Chinese education and hope to send their children to study in renowned schools.

Some parents said despite facing stiff competition from international schools, the phenomenon of parents competing to enrol their children in Chinese primary school indicate the importance of Chinese education. More non-Chinese parent are sending their children to Chinese primary school too. 

It was reported more than 90 % of Malaysian Chinese parents send their children to Chinese primary schools while the number of non-Chinese students studying in Chinese primary school increased by more than 10,000 in last four years.