Malaysia: First affordable home made of kenafcrete for a disabled man in Tangkak

MUAR, Malaysia (Sin Chew Daily/ANN) The first affordable home made of kenafcrete, a tropical plant grown for its fibre, is located at a village in Sungai Galing, Tangkak built under the Hope housing project.

The first affordable home made of kenafcrete completes within 20 days at the cost of RM47,000 (US$11,750) in Sungai Galing in Tangkak in a Hope affordable home project under National Kenaf and Tobacco Board. Rosli Harun, a disabled man with a family of nine, receives the key of 600sq ft home from Primary Industries Minister Teresa Kok. 
The free home scheme is under National Kenaf and Tobacco Board using construction system to build a 600 sq ft low cost home with kenafcrete for a family of nine.
Primary Industries Minister Teresa Kok handed over the key to disabled man Rosli Harun, 49, which took 20 days to complete with the cost of RM47,000 (US$11,750).
The wall and tiles of the home are made of kenafcrete materials, including mattress. Temperature inside the unit is lower.
Kok said this shows kenafcrete can be used for construction industry and the cost is lower than homes made of concretes. 
Homeowner Rosli said the unit is much more comfortable compared to his dilapidated wooden home. 
The family felt the unit is cooler and comfortable. 
Kok said she welcome business industry to explore planting kenaf as it is an industry with potential. 
Kenaf plantation needs joint promotion from both private sectors and government for it to be more popular although the plantation started 10 years ago. 
She urges investors to explore how to develop and export kenaf products.