Lao Front promotes Buddhism through conference, religious festival

VIENTIANE (Vientiane Times/ANN) - The Lao Front for National Development is lending its support to Buddhism by co-organising a regional conference and hosting a Boun Kathin ceremony.

Vice President of the Lao Front for National Development, Mr Chanthavong Seneamatmonty, described the organisation’s upcoming activities at a press conference on Wednesday.

The Lao Front and the Lao Buddhism Fellowship Organisation are jointly organising the first Buddhism Organisation Meeting for Laos, Vietnam and Cambodia, which will take place in Vientiane from November 11-14 at the National Convention Centre.

Some 570 monks from the three countries will attend the conference to discuss the development of Buddhism in their countries, within the region, and internationally.

Mr Chanthavong said the conference would enable Laos to raise the profile of Lao Buddhism in the region and further afield.

The meeting will be led by the President of the Lao Buddhist Fellowship Organisation, Manha-ngon Damrongboun, and the President of the Lao Front for National Development, Dr Xaysomphone Phomvihane.

Representatives of Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam will sign a Memorandum of Understanding to further their cooperation in the spread of Buddhism.

Following the conference, the Lao Front will host a Boun Kathin for a group of Lao people living in France and other European countries.

The ceremony will take place at the Lao Front for National Development office on November 16 and feature the customary religious rituals.

An almsgiving and a Buddhist ceremony will take place at the Lao Front’s office on November 17, followed by the delivery of food and other items donated during the Boun Kathin to the Dhamma Hall in the That Luang area and Pha-Oh temple in Luang Prabang on November 20.

“As a representative of the Lao Front for National Development and the Boun Kathin committee, I call on everyone in the capital to assist the delegates attending the Buddhism Organisation Meeting and the Lao people from France and other European countries taking part in the Boun Kathin festival,” Mr Chanthavong said. He invited members of government and private organisations to attend the Boun Kathin.



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