KidSafe app for 1Malaysia Internet Centre as filter to protect children

 KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia (Sin Chew Daily /ANN) - Telecommunication provider Celcom Axiata collaborates with 1Malaysia Internet Centres throughout the country to install KidSafe app, to filter websites and monitor children’s surfing on internet.

KidSafe, an app for parents to monitor children’s online access as well as filtering of websites unsuitable for children launched by Celcom Axiata, will be installed on 1Malaysia Internet Centres nationwide. There are a total of 175 centres nationwide set up by government mainly in rural and suburban areas providing collective broadband access with minimal charges.

KidSafe app was launched by Celcom Axiata last year for parents to control children’s online access to ensure they have a safe digital world.
Youth and Sports Minister Khairy Jamaluddin who launched the programme named as Parents Unite for Online Safety said the event is an important measure implemented in conjunction with Celcom Axiata’s support of the government’s National Transformation 2050 (TN50) plan.
“Parents unite because of online safety, creating a safer digital world for young people and children in the country,’’ he said.

Khairy admits that despite digital development has made learning easy, cyber safety remains as a main concern in digital development. 
He said as cyber space in not visible, its safety is often undermined, exposing children to risks.“If bully cases take place, parents can detect from physical injuries. However, cyber bullies are invisible. They cause greater harm to children if not stopped.” Despite freedom is stressed in cyberspace, such freedom should not be abused.

Khairy said apart from Celcom Axiata, Youth and Sports Ministry would be working with more corporations in next three weeks to launch more TN50 programmes in a bid to solve all types of problems faced by youth. Celcom deputy chief executive officer Azwan Khan, in a press conference later said despite Celcom Axiata held a soft launch of KidSafe three months ago, the app remains at its infancy stage. By working with government agencies, this will improve download rate of the app for parents to be more effective in monitoring their children’s digital activities. 

Also present at the launch were Celcom CEO Michael Kuehner and chief corporate officer Zuraida Jamaluddin.


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