Kaohsiung could receive panda loan

TAIPEI (The China Post/ANN) - A Taiwan delegate of China’s National People’s Congress (NPC) said that she will suggest loaning a mainland’s panda to Kaohsiung City in southern Taiwan.

“Citizens from across the Taiwan Strait need exchanging the lovely animals as much as they want dialogue,” said Hsu Pei during an interview with Hong Kong reporters following a March 8 meeting in Beijing for the National People’s Congress Taiwan delegation.

Hsu, whose grandfather Hsu Nan-ing was one of the 33 Taiwan-based “Jinshi” (進士) that passed the highest degree in the imperial examination in the Qing dynasty, is now a Taiwan delegate of the NPC and a chairperson of a Chongqing-based Taiwanese association with family roots from Tainan, Taiwan.

During the interview, Hsu said she pays business visits to Taiwan every year and she still has family members currently residing in Tainan, Taipei, and Hsinchu. The NPC delegate is part of the third-generation Taiwan immigrants to mainland China.

According to the delegate, she is going to file two suggestions in the upcoming NPC meetings, and one is “a plan to loan pandas to Kaohsiung City,” adding that “citizens from across the Taiwan Strait need exchanging the lovely animals as much as they want dialogue.”

The delegate believes that it is “a meaningful thing to do” to bridge Shoushan Zoo in Kaohsiung and Chongqing Zoo in the Chinese mainland.

Asked about Kaohsiung mayor’s recent visit, Hsu said that “visits bring both sides of the strait closer, and it is great that he is visiting,” adding that she hopes officials will pay a visit to Chongqing in the near future, aside from frequent visits to Hong Kong, Macau, Shenzhen, and Xiamen.

According to Hsu, Han’s visit put him at the forefront of acknowledging the “1992 Consensus,” the outcome of an agreement stating that both sides belong to one-China with different interpretations of the meaning of “China”, and he is likely to receive follow-up supports.

In fact, the mayor could be faced with great stress, but “China’s 1.3 billion compatriots will have his back,” Hsu stressed, encouraging all Kuomintang officials to pay more visits because “the contacts at all levels between here and there is not only inevitable but also unstoppable” for the ruling-Democratic Progressive Party.