Japan: Xiang Xiang full of vigor ahead of 2nd birthday

TOKYO (The Japan News/ANN) -  Ahead of the popular giant panda Xiang Xiang’s second birthday on Wednesday, Tokyo’s Ueno Zoo offered the media a look at it.

Tokyo’s Ueno Zoo offered the media a look at Xiang Xiang playing in her outdoor yard on Monday ahead of the popular giant panda’s second birthday on Wednesday.
 Xiang Xiang was active as large raindrops fell around her Monday morning, running through mud and showing her face from behind a tree trunk.
 Xiang Xiang had been living with her mother Shin Shin, but has lived by herself since the end of last year at the zoo in Taito Ward. The panda weighed 61.6 kilograms as of last Wednesday and eats bamboo and steamed buns made from rice and corn powder, the same diet as adult pandas.
 The Tokyo metropolitan government had agreed to return Xiang Xiang to China 24 months after her birth, as China officially owns the panda. After talks with the Chinese government, however, the two sides agreed to postpone her return by 1½ years to the end of December 2020.