Fujitsu unveils next-gen supercomputer prototype

TOKYO (The Japan News/ANN) - Fujitsu Ltd. has unveiled a prototype of a next-generation supercomputer dubbed “post-K” to the media. 

 The machine is expected to calculate 100 times faster than the K supercomputer, which is currently operating in Kobe.

 On Tuesday, the firm unveiled a central processing unit (CPU), akin to a computer’s brain; a substrate on which a CPU and a cooling system are mounted; and a rack that can hold about 100 substrates.

 Fujitsu said it would speed up its verification of the computer’s performance so that it can start producing the computer this fiscal year.

 The post-K is being jointly developed by Fujitsu, the Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology Ministry and RIKEN.

 With world-class calculation speeds and energy-saving performance, the advanced computer is expected to be useful in various fields such as medicine, disaster prevention and industrial technologies.