A feat for three Malaysian explorers completing the mission of reaching North Pole

KUALA LUMPUR (Sin Chew Daily / ANN) - Three Malaysian explorers from the North Pole Seven Continents Exploration Club have finally reached the North Pole. 

Three Malaysian explorers from North Pole Seven Continents Exploration Club (KE7B) Expedition, Muhammad Muqharabbin Moktharrudin, Mohd Irwan Yusoff Abdullah and Shahrom Abdullah arrived at the North Pole at local time 5:06pm ( Malaysia time 11: 06 pm). They achieve the feat and end the tough journey on a perfect note. 

The three explorers who are also famous athletes in triathlon, completed the mission in six days,  moving with the bulky snow sled in the extremely cold weather towards their target: exactly 90 degree North. They completed the mission five days in advance. 

Muhammad Muqharabbin, the team leader, called the advisor of KE7B, Akmar Hisham Mohd Yusof,  to break the good news. 

Akmar Hisham said Muhammad Muqharabbin was excited over the phone to inform him the good news of completing the mission in the extreme weather. The  most difficult process was the last 3km of reaching North Pole as the team had to challenge themselves by crossing a huge ice crack.

"On the third day of our journey, the team was met with a polar bear loitering round others' camps. This prompted everyone to stay alert. 

"In addition, the collapse of huge ice resulted the team having to carry an with extremely heavy snow sled . The thickness of the ice was  about three to four metres. We faced the risk of falling into sea of ice at any time." 

He said according to the plan, the journey of 111 kilometres traveling with the snow sled from Barneo Camp to 90 degrees of North Pole was estimated to be 11 days. But the team's commitment and iron will cut short the journey to 6 days. 

"We created history with success archived by Muhammad Muqharabbin , Mohd Irwan and Shahrom. Their names are not only listed in the history of exploration but they place Malaysia on international fame. The team joined other explorers from United States, England and Canada for a common goal. "

Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak also shared the good news on Twitter. 

"I'm told that the three explorers have completed the mission. Congratulations!"

Akmar Hisham said the team's achievement was significant to Muhammad Muqharabbin who completed the mission on his 35th birthday.