Ex-deputy defence chief to serve as SEF’s new vice chairman & secretary general

TAIPEI (The China Post/ANN) - Former deputy defence minister Ko Cheng-heng will replace Chang Tien-chin to serve as the newly appointed vice chairman and secretary general of the Straits Exchange Foundation from January 1.

Former Deputy Defense Minister Ko Cheng-heng will serve as the new vice chairman and secretary general of the semi-official Straits Exchange Foundation (SEF), starting January 1, according to SEF sources. 

Ko will replace Chang Tien-chin, who resigned a week ago after having served at the SEF for only a little more than three months. Chang will continue in his role as vice chairman of the Mainland Affairs Council (MAC).
The SEF approved Ko’s appointment during a joint meeting of its boards of directors and supervisors held on Friday. 

When meeting with the press following his approval, Ko said a new consensus between both sides of the Taiwan Straits is badly needed.  

Ko said that, no matter what the situation may be, both sides of the Taiwan Strait should engage in greater exchange, communication and negotiations.  

What the SEF can do is render exchanges, communications and services in a more effectively way, Ko said. “There are many mainland Chinese students and spouses in Taiwan who hope to receive better services here, just as Taiwanese students studying in the mainland wish to get better care there,” he continued.     

Not a Green Hand

Before serving as deputy defense minister under ex-President Chen Shui-bian, Ko served as deputy secretary-general of the National Security Council during Chen’s administration and was responsible for taking charge of cross-strait affairs.

“I’m not a green hand at cross-strait affairs, and I will work harder in this regard and see what the SEF can do to better improve ties between both sides,” Ko told reporters. 

At the extra board meeting on Friday, SEF chairman Tien Hung-mao said that after Ko was approved as vice chairman and secretary-general, the outgoing Chang could devote himself to his post as vice chairman of the MAC. 

In related news, the SEF has invited President Tsai Ing-wen to attend the Chinese New Year Spring Gathering Party hosted for Taiwanese businessmen in mainland China. 

The SEF is a semi-official organization set up in 1991 by Taipei authorities to handle cross-strait technical and business matters with its counterpart, the Association for Relationships Across the Taiwan Straits of mainland China. 


  • Ex-deputy defense chief to serve as SEF’s new vice chairman & secretary general


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