Cultural skills workshops eye eager learners in Brunei

BANDER SERI BEGAWAN (Borneo Bulletin/ANN) - Benchlab is hosting ‘Skill Tu Eh!’, a series of cultural skills workshops for locals, expatriates and tourists in conjunction with the country’s 35th National Day in February.

It aims to encourage productivity while promoting Brunei’s cultural skills and talents in the art and food industries.

Nine workshops were curated for this month’s ‘Skill Tu Eh!’ series. In collaboration with a popular local eatery, GeoEats, BenchLab will host traditional Kueh making workshops featuring traditional desserts including Kueh Pinyaram, Ardam, Bauhulu, Seri Muka, Kusui and Wajid. 
BenchLab will also host a Bayung and Ketupat weaving workshop led by an experienced local artisan.

For those interested in local fashion, a full-time arts and handicrafts teacher will share her sewing passion through a Baju Kurong designing workshop, while local fashion brand Mahkota Design will teach at the best-selling Hijab or Tudung designing workshop. BenchLab also caters to male fashion through its Songkok making workshop where participants will make cultural headgear for males in Brunei.

Meanwhile, BenchLab is collaborating with Kris Karmila, a local award-winning poet, in Malay Poetry for a beginner workshop.With over 300 workshops covering contemporary skills, BenchLab plans to play a more active role in promoting and preserving Brunei’s cultural skills this year.
BenchLab is a local youth-run social enterprise that manages Brunei’s first and largest skills sharing platform, where over 100 talents have taught to over 600 individuals from Brunei and Malaysia since April 2018. 


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