Brunei: Ghanim International to expand product range

BANDAR SERI BEGAWAN (Borneo Bulletin/ ANN) - Ghanim International Corporation is looking to further expand its product range with a number of new additions in the pipeline.

Ghanim International Corporation Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Dr Nur Rahman shared this with the Bulletin following a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) signing between Ghanim International Corporation and Jasra Harrisons Sdn Bhd recently. Speaking on what is next for Ghanim, following the MoU signing, he said, "For Ghanim, it’s just bringing in more products."

He said that they need to understand the needs of the market, the needs of their consumers, and highlighted that they will bring in premium quality products to meet the needs.

"We have a plan. In the pipeline we have got a number of products. Currently we have more than 60 products, but we want to bring in more. By the end of March next year, we will have 100 products - that is our expectation," he said.

He went on to highlight, "bruneihalalfoods always endeavours to bring in high quality products, and the positive thing is, Alhamdulillah, any products that we have brought in so far have been taken by the consumers very positively. The feedback we have been receiving has been very positive.

"We have got our blue shrimp crackers, ice creams, meat-based products and we have got our daily needs sugar replacement, and salt replacement. All these products have been very positive, and more importantly these are healthy items," he said.

The next step, he affirmed, is to bring more products into their portfolio for customers to enjoy.

The CEO added that after looking at and understanding market trends locally and internationally, there is an increasing demand for ready-to-eat and ready-to-cook products. "This is what we want to do to meet the needs and convenience of customers."

They will also be looking to add more dry groceries and beverages to their product line.

Ghanim International Corporation has been in operation since 2009, and expanded its operations to Europe by setting up a sales and distribution facility in August 2011 in the United Kingdom under Ghanim International UK Ltd.

Ghanim International Corporation also recently opened its sales distribution office under bruneihalalfoods ME DMCC in Dubai.

Ghanim works in partnership with local small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in Brunei to develop products for the local and global market, while at the same time, aims to be an iconic Halal brand that excels through innovation and virtue.

"I can confidently say that Ghanim over the last 18 months has been able to create a strong platform and customer base and marketing channels across a few countries.

"We have a strong presence and customer base in China, Singapore and Malaysia. We are getting stronger in the UK, we are going to Belgium, and we are expanding our services in the Middle East."

Additionally, he shared that they have customers from Australia and other countries for their blue shrimp products. "We will be working on this as well and to expose blue shrimp to these other markets."

He said that Ghanim International Corporation has created the opportunity for local Brunei SMEs, and that they are exposing the SME products to international markets. The CEO also underlined that Ghanim looks to not only promote its products, but also Brunei itself.

"The name Brunei is embedded in the brand - bruneihalalfoods. So when we distribute products, when we enter into a new market, the Brunei name comes with the brand name. That’s very important for us.

"We are creating a platform and expanding our market access. This is going to be a good thing for promoting not only bruneihalalfoods as a brand; it is promoting Brunei, and its capabilities to export products."

He said that one of the company’s main aims, by gaining market access and through brand awareness, is to help Brunei be seen as a good source of premium quality products.