Asean-Korea youth workshop to be held in Korea and Malaysia

SEOUL (Asia News Network) - Youth leaders of Asean and Korea to attend workshop to discuss possible solutions for environmental sustainability in the region.

The Asean-Korea Centre is organising a workshop for youth to promote the concept of environmentally sustainable cities. 

The Asean-Korea Youth Network Workshop - “Promoting Clean and Green Environment through the Establishment of Environmentally Sustainable Cities” - will be held from July 3-12 in Korea and Malaysia.

Youth from 10 Asean member states including Korea, China and Japan will take part in the series of lectures and discussions as well as in team-building and cultural activities.

“With rapid economic development, industrialisation, and subsequent urbanisation, cities in Asean face numerous challenges such as congestion and pollution," Kim Young-sun, secretary general of the Asean-Korea Centre said in a press statement issued by the Asean-Korea Centre.

He hoped that the workshop would provide a platform for youth, the future leaders of Asean and Korea, to find possible solutions to key challenges regarding sustainability in the region. 

The workshop is composed of two programmes: the Korea programme will take place in Incheon and Seoul (3-7 July) and Malaysia programme in Melacca, Putrajaya, and Kuala Lumpur (8-12 July).

Approximately 80 students from Asean-Korea, as well as from China and Japan who were recruited in cooperation with the Asean-China Centre and the Asean-Japan Centre will participate in the Korea programme.

Jointly organised with the United Nations ESCAP North-East Asia Office and the Incheon Metropolitan City, the Korea programme features visits to theme-related sites and historical spots, team-building and video-making activities, lectures on Asean-Korea relations and initiatives on establishing environmentally sustainable cities in Korea and Asean and cultural exchanges.
The Malaysia programme will be jointly organised with the International Youth Centre of Malaysia.


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