4th daughter of Aum leader intends to scatter ashes at sea

TOKYO (The Japan News/ANN) - The fourth daughter of Chizuo Matsumoto, the former leader of the now-defunct Aum Supreme Truth cult, intends to scatter her father’s cremated remains at sea, according to her lawyer. 

 Lawyer Taro Takimoto revealed the daughter’s plans at a press conference in Tokyo on Wednesday.
 Matsumoto was executed on Friday last week for his role as the mastermind of a series of crimes committed by the cult. 
 According to Takimoto, Matsumoto’s 29-year old daughter viewed her father’s body at the Tokyo Detention House the day after his execution. She said to officers there: “You’ve taken great care of my father” and “I deeply apologize for causing you so much trouble.”
 Takimoto said scattering Matsumoto’s remains on a mountain or other site could cause it to become a sacred spot for followers. “We want to reduce the remains to powder and scatter them over the Pacific Ocean,” he said. 
 Shortly before his execution, Matsumoto is believed to have indicated that he wanted his fourth daughter to collect his remains. She is said to have broken off relations with Aleph, the main faction of Aum’s successor organizations. 


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