Viet Nam News (Vietnam)

HANOI (Viet Nam News/ANN) - Chinese companies are accelerating investment in Vietnam – but some local businesses are voicing concerns.

HANOI (Viet Nam News) - As he opened his 52nd black plastic bag of the night, Nguyen Trong Dao knew what he would find inside. 

HANOI (Viet Nam News/ANN) - The public health insurance fund paid more than half a million US dollars for treatment of just a single patient over three years.

DUSHANBE (Viet Nam News/ANN) - Vietnam treasures peace, co-operation and development, Vice President Dang Thi Ngoc Thinh said as she addressed the fifth Conference on Interaction and Confidence-Building Measures in Asia (CICA).

QUANG NINH (Viet Nam News/ANN) - Quang Ninh Province has another gorgeous destination for tourists to enjoy.

HANOI (Viet Nam News.ANN) - There is a Chinese saying literally translated as “Above there is heaven, down here there are Su and Hang", praising the legendary beauty of the two cities.  

HANOI (Viet Nam News/ANN) - When percussionist Tran Xuan Hoa walks down the street, he keeps his ears open to all the sounds around him. Every noise, from the pitter-patter of footsteps on the pavement to the revving of a motorbike engine, has the potential to inspire him to create a special percussion performance.

DA NANG (Viet Nam News/ANN) - A group of final-year students at Da Nang Technology and Science College successfully manufactured an amphibious trash collector – the first of its kind in Viet Nam – to help clean rubbish from the sea and the beach.

BAC GIANG, Vietnam (Viet Nam News/ANN) - Rural Luc Ngan District in the northern province of Bac Giang is bustling this time of year as farmers enjoy their best ever lychee harvest and look to expand to new markets

HANOI (Viet Nam News/ANN) — The illegal hunting and trade of wild animals have become a complex global business with tens of thousands of animals confiscated by authorities in Vietnam alone.