The Straits Times (Singapore)

HONG KONG (The Straits Times/ANN) - One protester was shot and wounded by the Hong Kong police on Monday (Nov 11) as chaos erupted across the city, a day after officers fired tear gas to break up demonstrations that are entering their sixth month. 

SINGAPORE (The Straits Times/ANN) - MAS will allocate US$100 million to the Bank for International Settlements' Green Bond, to support its global green finance initiatives.

SINGAPORE (The Straits Times/ANN) - Mr Heng said that being upfront in this manner can help Singaporeans and businesses plan ahead for the GST hike, which will go up from 7 to 9 per cent some time between 2021 and 2025.

SINGAPORE (The Straits Times/ANN) - The e-bus trial is meant to uncover how factors like range hold up under local traffic and weather conditions.

SINGAPORE (The Straits Times/ANN) -  Legal challenges to Singapore's version of the law, Section 377A, which applies only to men, are about to be heard in court here, the first of which will take place on Wednesday (Nov 13).

SINGAPORE (The Straits Times/ANN) - Lazada Singapore's chief executive, Mr James Chang, said that the site broke last year's 24-hour record before noon, but declined to disclose sales figures.

SINGAPORE (The Straits Times/ANN) - Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong called the next general election a critical one involving "high stakes" for the future of Singapore.

JAKARTA (The Straits Times/ANN) - Last Saturday - a week into the search operation - Indonesian rescuers said they would extend the operation until today.

SINGAPORE (The Straits Times/ANN) - In previous years, some of those who have spoken at the party's conventions and conferences have gone on to be fielded as election candidates. 

KUALA LUMPUR (The Straits Times/ANN) - Based on various political sources, The Straits Times estimates that Mr Anwar, the Parti Keadilan Rakyat president, has secured 75 MPs, just over half the current government's strength.