The Statesman (India)

NEW DELHI (The Statesman/ANN) - The Lahore bypoll was a test of ousted Pakistan Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif

NEW DELHI (The Statesman/ANN Desk) - Congress spokesperson accuses the Bharatiya Janata Party-led government of derailing India's economy by its “disastrous decision making”.

NEW DELHI (The Statesman/ANN) - Sustained shelling by Pakistan have taken a toll on civilian life on the border, where government schools have closed shutters 

NEW DELHI (The Statesman/ANN) - Discrimination in the army requires a closer look at the defence policies. A group of 100 serving officers have petitioned the court to correct an anomaly in deployment rules  

NEW DELHI (The Statesman/ANN) - The Indian courts and the government have taken a thought-out stand on the Rohingya people and other Muslim refugees as India is not a signatory to the Refugee Convention of 1951 

NEW DELHI (The Statesman/ANN) - Perhaps the saddest feature of Singur today is the retrogression of women. Shyamali, Tapasi, Krishna were not only valiant warriors; they were also mass leaders a mere  9-10 years ago. Today they have humbly, silently and without resistance returned to hearth and home, content with the government's dole and their role in housekeeping,

NEW DELHI (The Statesman/ANN) - The Indian government has told the Supreme Court that the Rohingya immigrants were illegal and posed a security threat to the country 

NEW DELHI (The Statesman/ANN) - Prime Minister Narendra Modi dedicated the 'controversial' Narmada Dam to the nation on his 67th birthday. The dam which has displaced more than 40,000 families was planned 56 years ago   

NEW DELHI (The Statesman/ANN) - Conservation of the Sundarbans is key to Kolkata's survival 

NEW DELHI (The Statesman/ANN) - Opinions will be sharply divided on the apex court's lifting of the blanket ban on the sale of fireworks in the national capital region