The Star (Malaysia)

PETALING JAYA (The Star/ANN) - After returning home from a round-the-world trip, 29-year-old Scott Burkhalter decided to register the personalised plate, or vanity plate, because he developed a taste for kopi-O (black coffee) on his visit here and also as a reminder of his travels.

KUALA LUMPUR (The Star/ANN) - Li Shufu founded Geely in 1986 to build refrigerators and became an automaker in 1997 when he wanted to produce a cheap car for the masses.

KUALA LUMPUR (The Star/ANN) - I enjoy making fun of how they put on accents when they are in the United Kingdom or Australia. This may sound a little too much, but come on. Who are you fooling? You’re a born-and-bred Malaysian. Speak like a Malaysian.

SHAH ALAM (the Star/ANN) - The new plant will start off with a production capacity of 50,000 cars per year, and will churn up to 100,000 cars at maximum capacity.

KUALA LUMPUR (the Star/ANN) - Called "Verify Halal", it is approved by the Malaysian Islamic Development Department (Jakim).

PETALING JAYA (The Star/ANN) - Proton and Geely signed an agreement on Wednesday that would see Geely take a 49.9% stake in Proton and a controlling stake in Lotus, the British sportscar maker, from Proton. 

KUALA LUMPUR (The Star/ANN) - A total of 350 personnel from various units showed their abilities to respond to dangerous situations if anything untoward should occur during the Games.

PUTRAJAYA (The Star/ANN) - Maids must be given a day off to ensure the domestic helper stays healthy, both physically and mentally, to be able to carry out tasks assigned.

KOTA KINABALU, Malaysia (The Star/ANN) - Intelligence sources identified the Malaysians killed last night as “Ustaz” Abdurah­man Asmawi from Kelantan and Dr Kamsa Yahya from Kedah.

PETALING JAYA, Malaysia (The Star/ ANN) - PM Najib Razak paid tribute to Malaysians whose lives have been touched by the positive impact of the National Transformation Programme.