Sin Chew Daily (Malaysia)

Sin Chew Daily, a Malaysian Mandarin newspaper founded on 15 January, 1929. In October 2004, Sin Chew Media Corporation (parent company of Sin Chew Daily) was public listed on Bursa Malaysia. Today, Sin Chew Daily owns 53 news bureaus and 6 printing plants in Peninsular and East Malaysia. It is read by more than 1.4 million people with a daily circulation of 400,000. The paper covers a wide range of topics local and international news, business, features, entertainment, sports and commentaries. Regional editions are available in the Klang Valley, Perak, North Malaysia, Johor, Negeri Sembilan, Malacca, the East Coast and Sarawak.To keep up with new development in this digital age and deliver news to our readers’ fingertips, we have also set up our news portal and English website.


KUALA LUMPUR, (Sin Chew Daily/ANN) - Bilateral trade between China and Malaysia hit a new record last year at US$108.6 billion with a 13 % growth compared to 2017, says Shi Zhi Ming, Economic and Commercial counsellor in Embassy of China to Malaysia. 

KUALA LUMPUR (Sin Chew Daily/ANN) - Malaysian diving world champion Cheong Jun Hoong took a break from diving training to recuperate from injuries and chanced upon the opportunity to sing. She was invited by Malaysian singer Daniel Lee to sing on the pre-recording session of Chinese New Year Gala of Nanning TV, China.  

KUALA LUMPUR (Sin Chew Daily/ANN) - Consular counsellor of Embassy of China to Malaysia Liu Dongyuan is optimistic of the collaboration in education between China and Malaysia. Both countries signed agreement to recognise higher education degrees of Malaysia and China in 2011 and the Malaysian government has recognised university degrees of 812 Chinese universities. 

PUCHONG, Malaysia (Sin Chew Daily/ ANN) - Fisheries Development Authority of Malaysia (LKIM) is currently discussing with Agriculture and Agro-based Ministry whether to lift ban on export of fish to resolve over supply of fish stock. The ban is from 1 Jan to 28 February to ensure sufficient supply during festive season. 

JENJAROM, Malaysia (Sin Chew Daily/ ANN) - The floral lantern festival at Dong Zhen temple for year of pig starts from 31 January to 19 February, from 10 am to 10pm. Each year, the festival is getting more advanced and now the floral lanterns are presented in 3D.

KUCHING, Malaysia (Sin Chew Daily/ANN) - A statue of pig is placed outside a coffee shop in Kuching, catching the attention of the locals of all races. The statue is completed Shen Guan Yong, who made it for an organisation in conjunction with Chinese New Year.

KUALA LUMPUR (Sin Chew Daily/ANN) - China does not interfere in domestic politics and no additional political conditions are involved in its collaboration with other countries, says a spokesperson of the Embassy of China to Malaysia.

KUCHING, Malaysia (Sin Chew Daily/ANN) - Relatives of a family in Kuching where all six of them perished in an ill-fated MH17 flight have decided to donate the RM1 million (RM243,309) savings and cash contribution to build a mosque in memory of them.

KUALA LUMPUR (Sin Chew Daily/ANN) - Economy of Malaysia is facing challenges in 2019 due to internal and external factors but the view of the economy will crash and burn in 2019 is a false one, says Deputy International Trade and Industry Minister Ong Kian Meng. While Malaysia will be affected by global headwinds in a negative manner, recession is no where in the horizon. 

KUANTAN, Malaysia (Sin Chew Daily/ANN) - No sign of revival for East Coast Rail Link (ECRL) project which has been halted since 3 July last year. The Malaysian government and China Communications Construction Company Ltd is still negotiating with the company.