The Korea Herald (Korea)

SEOUL (The Korea Herald/ANN) - Amid tensions on the Korean Peninsula, it has been a particularly difficult first 100 days in office for President Moon Jae-in as he strives to advocate for economic equality and state-led public welfare.

SEOUL (The Korea Herald/ANN) - Arguably Korea's most well-known makeup artist, Jung Saem-mool unveils her secret ingredients to flawless K-beauty.

SEOUL (The Korea Herald/ANN) - South Korea and the United States will begin talks next week to discuss possible revisions to their bilateral free trade agreement, the US Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer said on Thursday.

SEOUL (The Korea Herald/ANN) - JCS chief nominee asserted Friday that Seoul and Washington will stage joint military drills next week at a similar level to those last year, defying speculation that they may scale them down not to irk North Korea.

SEOUL (The Korea Herald/ANN) - Embracing romantic narratives of the sea, a group exhibition called "Gridded Currents" is open to the public at Kukje Gallery until this Sunday; viewers will be pleased with the cultural experience the exhibition has to offer.

SEOUL (The Korea Herald/ANN) - Readers can enjoy Korea's culture and history upon visiting; this article includes detailed explanations of festivals and sights to see in Korea.

SEOUL (The Korea Herald/ANN) - LG CNS has announced the launching of cloud integration services to South Korean clients, essentially becoming the first IT system solutions provider in Korea.

SEOUL (The Korea Herald/ANN) - President Moon's 100th day since inauguration was met with many congratulatory remarks as people lined up to buy commemorative stamps.

SEOUL (The Korea Herald/ANN) - Embracing hopes of a reunited Korea, maestro Chung Myung-whun wants to bring warmth to the audience through his One Korea Orchestra concert at Lotte Concert Hall Friday and Saturday.

SEOUL (The Korea Herald/ANN) - The contaminated egg crisis continues to spread in South Korea as the Agricultural Ministry has recently discovered "eco-friendly" farms to have produced eggs with excessive levels of insecticides.