The Japan News (Japan)

TOKYO (The Japan News/ANN) - Life insurance provides peace of mind, but the industry is at a turning point due to the maturity of the Japanese market. For this edition of “The Leaders” column, which highlights corporate management and senior executives, The Yomiuri Shimbun spoke with Seiji Inagaki, president of Dai-ichi Life Holdings, Inc., about the company’s business strategy for growth including overseas expansion. The following are excerpts from the interview.

TOKYO (The Japan News/ANN) - The report Nissan Motor Co. released Friday on its use of unqualified workers in final vehicle inspections has revealed its corporate culture, in which no one spoke up about the misconduct although many employees involved in the inspections were aware that laws and regulations were being violated.

TOKYO (The Japan News/ANN) - An app has been developed to help manage athletes’ concussions, by keeping records of players’ conditions when they display signs of the disorder.

TOKYO (The Japan News/ANN) - The Japanese arm of U.S.-based Airbnb Inc., the world’s largest operator of online intermediary services for private facility accommodations, has been inspected by the Japanese antimonopoly watchdog, The Yomiuri Shimbun has learned.

​TOKYO (The Japan News/ANN) - In his policy speech at the Diet on Friday, Prime Minister Shinzo Abe emphasised his intention to work on his policies with simple honesty on the strengthened political base he earned in the Liberal Democratic Party’s landslide victory in the House of Representatives election. 

TOKYO (The Japan News/ANN) - The Health, Labour and Welfare Ministry has compiled a draft for the Health Promotion Law revision, which will allow smoking at restaurants of 150 square metres or smaller.

TOKYO (The Japan News/ANN) - The government has been examining measures to deal with a large number of North Koreans escaping to Japan in the case of a contingency on the Korean Peninsula, The Yomiuri Shimbun has learned. 

TOKYO (The Japan News/ANN) - The government plans to actively promote stays at farming villages geared toward foreign tourists. 

TOKYO (The Japan News/ANN) - Red poinsettias fill a greenhouse at Kawate Noen farm in Edogawa Ward, Tokyo, on Tuesday.

TOKYO (The Japan News/ANN) - Moves to accept foreigners as front-line workers in the nursing care industry are likely to accelerate. The Law on Proper Technical Intern Training and Protection of Technical Intern Trainees (see below) came into force on Nov. 1, putting into place a mechanism for trainees to work at nursing care facilities.