The Jakarta Post (Indonesia)

JAKARTA (The Jakarta Post/ANN) - Jokowi, Prabowo and their supporters should learn from athletes on how to develop character.

JAKARTA (The Jakarta Post/ANN) - Indonesian actress Tatjana Saphira was named one of the winners in the Asian Star Prize category at the 2018 Seoul International Drama Awards on Sept. 3.

JAKARTA (The Jakarta Post/ANN) - Indonesia's satellite has reached 108 degrees east at 11 p.m. on Aug. 18.

JAKARTA (The Jakarta Post/ANN) - The good coordination of fiscal and monetary policies will lend credibility to Indonesia's macroeconomic management.

BANDUNG, WEST JAVA (The Jakarta Post/ANN) - Indonesia's weapons manufacturer Pindad president director Abraham Mose has claimed that the company’s medium-weight tank prototype mostly consisted of locally made hardware components, at about 70 per cent.

JAKARTA (The Jakarta Post/ANN) - The Greater Jakarta Transportation Discussion Forum (FDTJ) has created an integrated map of the city’s public transportation network to help Jakartans and visitors as well.

JAKARTA (The Jakarta Post/ANN) - Vice-presidential hopeful Sandiaga Salahuddin Uno is the richest candidate in the 2019 two-horse presidential race with his reported wealth totaling 5.1 trillion rupiah (US$349 million).

SINGAPORE (The Jakarta Post/ANN) - The 2019 election will be the time to exercise our rights by listening to our conscience.

JAKARTA (The Jakarta Post/ANN) - The Finance Ministry, together with the Industry Ministry and Trade Ministry, would team up to identify more than 500 imported consumer goods that could be replaced by local substitutes.

JAKARTA (The Jakarta Post/ANN) - The Research, Technology and Higher Education Ministry has subscribed to a database of scientific e-journals, which can be accessed by researchers, university lecturers, students and non-ministerial government agencies for free.